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• Purchases are stored in the cloud so you can access them across multiple i Pads• Up to date resources• Growing catalogue of Intelligence Handbooks, Briefings and errata• Exclusive digital-only free content• Out-of-print back catalogue items The app is supposed to be to read the books. Don't bother buying anything till this gets fixed. There are major resolution issues with in app buttons and menus.

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I will happily re-review this when it gets updated. I will applaud them that they respond to feedback quickly but with no real information.

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From this app you will be able to download exclusive free-of-charge digital content, purchase new Intelligence Handbooks and individual Briefings for the first time.

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But I don't recommend this app for I've bought 3 of the books so far and in those 3 purchases this app has given me issues(also this is the first app to give me issues when I've tried to buy things) the first was market garden tried to buy it put all my info in went to down load and is said that I haven't bought it yet so I put my info in again and the.

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