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My Lai, Thirty Years After AMERICAN HERITAGE

There are even interviews with members of Charlie Company, the company credited with the massacre, with specifics on how the Vietnamese were executed.

Years On, My Lai Massacre Remains A Gaping Wound NPR

On March 16, 1968, a company of soldiers in the United States Army’s Americal Division were dropped in by helicopter for an assault against a hamlet known as My Lai 4, in the bitterly contested province of Quang Ngai, on the northeastern coast of South Vietnam. I.s and officers stormed the hamlet in military-textbook style, advancing by platoons; the troops expected to engage the Vietcong Local Force 48th Battalion—one of the enemy’s most successful units—but instead they found women, children, and old men, many of them still cooking their breakfast rice over outdoor fires.

My <u>Lai</u>, Thirty Years After AMERICAN HERITAGE

Group pressures to conform are substantial, and failure to conform.

They present many hard facts about the Vietnam War and the My Lai massacre but let readers form their own opinions based on the information provided by those people, which include presidents, army commanders, survivors of the massacre, and the American public. They guide us through the investigative process as America pieced together what happened.

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It also touches upon the psyche of American society as a whole.

Four hours in my lai pdf:

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