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4) Searched the web for ideas and tried the Vietnamese line (hung up on), Sacramento main office (916) 653-0707 (no one answered), disabilty office (916-654-0453) (no one answered), and what turned out to be an unemployment office (909) 383-4663 (talked to a lady who couldn't help and actually hung up on me! The incompetence and lack of accountability is simply remarkable.

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Here is what I have tried:1) Called the general hotline 800.480.3287: Long phone tree and eventually was told that they had "reached the maximum number of callers. The next day that problem was fixed but now I can't register an account because they tell me that my personal information "does not match with EDD records".

<i>California</i> <i>state</i> <i>disability</i> <i>forms</i> online_pdf

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I have been trying for several days to file a disability claim with the California EDD office.

California state University SAN MARCOS Office of Disability.

I have tried middle name, no middle name, married name, maiden name, and every permutation thereof.3) Kept calling the 800 number.

California state disability forms pdf:

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