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The Homeworld of the Blood Angels is the planet Baal and its two moons are, Baal Primus and Baal Secundus - from which the Blood Angels take their new recruits.

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The Blood Angels were the IX Legion of the original Space Marine Legions under their Primarch Sanguinius.

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If it's too old, ask for permission (from whom I don't know), comment in the article discussions forum, PM Just Dave or email the author at [email protected] created this Codex as a way of alleviating some of the problems that some Chaos Space Marine players have experienced with the recent Chaos Space Marine Codex, by providing a full, characterful, up-to-date Codex that represents Chaos and it's own character, but without being overwhelming and overly complex as I feel many Chaos Space Marine Fandex's have and as I believe the 3.5th edition Codex was.

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