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The Dolce Diet

They could be worked out, but he even includes pasta and fajitas in his "Living Lean" recipes. The fighters might have been able to research it all & put together a plan, but that's effort they'd likely rather be putting into training. I think people who are working out often need a higher percentage of their calories to come from carbohydrates than the paleo-diet provides.

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Fighters most likely feel comfortable around him because he was also a fighter & understands the lifestyle. Definitely worth the money The Dolce Diet is a very useful tool to help beginners learn how to eat properly in general, unlike a strict diet that tells you how to eat specifically the Dolce Diet teaches you the types of things you should be eating..

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The Dolce Diet Living Lean - Kindle edition by Mike Dolce, Brandy.

I did it for about 2 months and lost 20 lbs, but I ended up switching to a paleo diet which in my opinion is much more effective.


They'd rather just hire him to do it & eat what they're told to. If you are a cain valesquaz and eating 4000-4500 calories a day, its going to be hard to get there without eating some non-natural foods. The best thing really is the fact the food doesn't taste like garbage, and there's plenty of choice between what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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