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PDF Download How Things Work The Physics of Everyday Life.

Basically I'm confused dot com bigtime and would appreciate all help in actually getting my hands on this file so I can read it on my other computer while I'm working on it!

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) I'm happy to install the reader on the non-Internet PC.

<u>How</u> <u>Stuff</u> <u>Works</u> - Free <u>downloads</u> and

How Stuff Works - Free downloads and

I've put this in The Lounge because I couldn't see anywhere more appropriate, Mods, feel free to move it if I've put it in the wrong place? It said Kindle format only, I thought 'that's cool, I'll be able to convert it after downloading it.' I wanted to convert it because I've got a computer I use to write music on that's never connected to the Net because I don't want any viruses to have a chance to hit it and I needed to read it on that one. MOBI files on my computer and it couldn't find any. I'm scared of closing the Browser window with the cloud Kindle app.

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