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Chapter – 1 Overview Of Insurance And Life Insurance. - Shodhganga

Many times you might have thought “How can insurance company pay claim amounts as big as 1 crore in consideration of premium as little as Rs 6000 per annum?

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One day upon the death of the earning member of a family, the financial independence of that family went into jeopardy.

HDFC <u>Life</u> <u>Insurance</u> - <u>Life</u> <u>Insurance</u> Plans and Policies in <u>India</u>

PwC's Insurance Insights March 2018

This fund would be given to the family of the deceased person. death of breadwinner is certain; only the time is unpredictable.

HDFC Life Insurance - Life Insurance Plans and Policies in India

The deceased breadwinner did not leave much savings.

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