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Mastering Public Speaking PDF

While seemingly a trite concern, this apparently small detail has extremely deep significance for all of us! Capitis Diminutio (meaning the diminishing of status through the use of capitalization) In Roman law. The method, by which the State causes a natural person to "volunteer" himself into slavery, is through forming legal joinder, implied or stated, with the entity or legal fiction (name all CAPS).

<i>Mastering</i> <i>Public</i> <i>Speaking</i> <i>8th</i> <i>Edition</i> <i>PDF</i>

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A diminishing or abridgment of personality; a loss or curtailment of a man's status or aggregate of legal attributes and qualifications. Of course, most natural persons wouldn't willingly form such an unlawful but legally reductionist joinder, so trickery and obfuscation are used; and this starts when our birth certificates are created.

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