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Michel Foucault, Discipline & Punish 1975, Panopticism

Torture -- The body of the condemned -- The spectacle of the scaffold -- pt. Punishment -- Generalized punishment -- The gentle way in punishment -- pt. Discipline -- Docile bodies : the art of distributions -- The control of activity -- The organization of geneses -- The composition of forces -- The means of correct training : hierarchical observation -- Normalizing judgement -- The examination -- Panopticism -- pt. Prison -- Complete and austere institutions -- Illegalities and delinquency -- The carceral.

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Michel Foucault Key Sociologists by Sara Mills PDF - MEES.

At the end of this treatment for the desiccation of the nervous system and the heat that sustained it, Pomme saw ‘membranous tissues like pieces of damp parchment …peel away with some slight discomfort, and these were passed daily with the urine; the right ureter also peeled away and came out whole in the same way’.

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Towards the middle of the eighteenth century, Pomme treated and cured a hysteric by making her take ‘baths, ten or twelve hours a day, for ten whole months’.

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