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Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Columbia University INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EDITION Mc GRAW-HILL BOOK COMPANY* New York St.


Electronic Devices and Circuits MILLMAN & HALKIAS INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EDI" Mc GRAW-HILL ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING SERIES Frederick Emmons Terman, Consulting Editor W. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number o7-16934 TOSHO J'HINTINQ CO., ., TOKYO, JAPAN PREFACE This book, intended as a text for a first course in electronics for elec- trical engineering or physics students, has two primary objectives: to present a clear, consistent picture of the internal physical behavior of many electronic devices, and to teach the reader how to analyze and desn electronic circuits using these devices.

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Electronic Devices and Circuits

A small-snal (linear) model is also obtained for each device, and analyses of many circuits using these models are given.

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Only through a study of physical electronics, particularly solid- state science, can the usefulness of a device be appreciated and its limitations be understood.

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