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Viper SmartKey DSK100 Manuals and User Guides, Car Alarm.

For the last few months, I've had problems with it not starting unless I push the little black button.

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I got the alarm used and the person who installed it for me said i had to get a new remote because it would arm and disarm the alarm but, when the alarm goes off it doesnt page the remote.would that also be the reason?

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This has become increasingly more frequent, and increasingly ineffective, often taking several tries. The remote only functions occasionally, blinking faintly on about one out of five button-pushes, and blinking brightly on about one out of 20.

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About the only thing that responds to the remote is the door lock. I dug around under the dash and found the unit (a Viper C50), disconnected all the wires leading into it and pulled it out. I saw a post that said I had to find the "yellow wire that goes to the starter" and reconnect it.

Viper 5500 alarm installation manual pdf:

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