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The symbol of Seed Crystal in Zen and

An integrated cooking system is generally made up of a stove, cooking utensil (pot, pan, empty can, etc.) and accessories which expand your cook system's utility and performance.

Zen And The Art of Motorcycle

If you are racing across the Baja at hh speeds, you need a hh octane powered lht weht dune buggy or something similar; if you are taking 30 children to school each day, you need a diesel burning bus; if you are solo commuting to work each day and want to save on expenses and find easy parking, you need a scooter or fuel efficient auto which runs on the most economical fuel available; if you are a pimp, you need a pimpmobile which "bumps" (whatever that is).

<i>Zen</i> And The <i>Art</i> of <i>Motorcycle</i>

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle

The focus of cook systems often centers around a particular stove, which is understandable as the stove is the heart of any cooking system.

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by

So it's the engine that generally gets most of the upgrades and attention.

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