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When first established and purpose-built in 1920 by the Bermuda Government it replaced the old Cottage Hospital (once visited by Mark Twain) in Happy Valley Road, Devonshire Parish.

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It also has wholly-owned subsidiaries, Healthcare Partners (HPL) and Ultimate Imaging Limited. A separate entity from the BHB and Ministry of Health, it is governed by its own Board of Trustees who determine policy and are responsible for its own sound fiscal management. Patrice Dill, director of the MWI, said the new name accurately reflected the rage of services offered but meant no disrespect to the Celtic St. Other members of the committee included Patrice Minors, then Minister of Health and Family Services; Jonathan Brewin, chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board (BHB); Louie Grant, a former director of nursing there; and Mr Dion Correia, chairman of the MWI Amenities committee.

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It was so-named to honour Queen Victoria's eldest son Albert (nick-named Bertie), who married Princess Alexandra of Denmark in 1863 and took the name of King Edward VII when he finally ascended the British Throne in 1901 at the age of 60. Since first constructed as a single unit it has gobbled up once-nearby buildings in constant expansions and renovations along both Point Finger and Berry Hill Road.

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Bermuda has one main Accident and Emergency (A&E) hospital - King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) - located at Point Finger Road, Paget Parish DV 04, Bermuda. BHB is funded entirely by the people of Bermuda by way of direct payments, insurance, donations and Government subsidies. However, salaries and bonuses of senior managers of the hospital are not made known to taxpayers. King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI) - Bermuda's second hospital, not an A&E unit but a psychiatric one, not for visitors but residents only - are the only healthcare organizations in Bermuda accredited by Accreditation Canada, an independent organization whose role is to help hospitals examine and improve the quality of care and service they provide to their clients. In addition to providing an extensive list of services for the community, the Bermuda Hospitals Board is part of a referral network that includes some of the worlds leading specialist hospitals.

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