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Keep in mind this is a follow-up to THIS POST where someone on Twitter claiming to be an employee of EC claimed no, you did not need receipts. “We discovered after the switch that the previous site host didn’t retain any of the records or accounts for our customers.” *blink…blink* That’s reading, to me, that not only is it 3 years of data missing, but ALL of it.

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All of our data, including but not limited to Financial, Manuscripts, Graphics, Spreadsheets, programs and any resources used in the daily business of the company past or present is currently stored in a multi-server network.

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Each server is raided in the event of a hard drive failure and run we run redundant power supplies as an extra precaution.

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Also, on Twitter, another user claims today they were told to produce receipts. If that data is missing, how is EC supposed to calculate royalties correctly?

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