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I have to admit that recently I’ve really started getting into e-books.

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Achalasia is a medical condition that affects the way food can pass through your oesophagus into your stomach.

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Though the medicinal properties of garlic were well-known to the ancient humanity, it is only recently that it has been accepted widely as a great anti-cancer agent. This book will serve as a rapid reference guide for medical undergraduate and postgraduate students during pathology practical classes and also during exams as a rapid revision guide Patients with neurologic symptoms are approached in a stepwise manner termed the neurologic method, which consists of the following: - Identifying the anatomic location of the lesion or lesions causing symptoms - Identifying the pathophysiology involved - Generating a differential...

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I’ve tried a lot of different readers, but of course I always end up coming back to the Kindle Reader.

How to add pdf ebooks to kindle:

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