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Her uncle was always so serious about these fencing lessons. Mathew Farmer was his real name, so English-sounding, which was funny, because his foreign accent was so pronounced.

Keeper of the Heart Ly-San-Ter, #2 by Johanna Lindsey - Goodreads

When Passion Rules Chapter One THE LONG BLADE OF the rapier bent as Alana pressed its tip hard against the chest of the man in front of her. How could she concentrate on her lesson with so much on her mind? Of the three completely different directions she could take, each held its own special appeal, and she’d run out of time. Now was not the time to tell him of the dilemma she’d been grappling with. He was one of many European aristocrats who had fled the Continent during and immediately after the Napoleonic wars, to start new lives in England.

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But she would always defend his right to be different. The snob who had moved in next door was a prime example of such narrow-mindedness. ” “No, but I can skewer an apple tossed in the air on the tip of my rapier before it hits the ground.” They never did become friends. Alana had many others who marveled at her diverse education and just chocked it up to her being a foreigner like Poppie, even though she’d lived in England her whole life and considered herself an Englishwoman.

Johanna Lindsey books read online free - Virtual Library.

It would have been a death skewer if not for the protective padded jackets they both wore. But she did need to discuss it with him and would have done so much sooner if he hadn’t seemed so preoccupied himself these last few months. When she’d asked him if anything was wrong, he’d fobbed her off with a smile and had denied it. She’d been able to hide her own preoccupation—until today. He’d brought her with him because he was the only family she had left. Tragically, in a war they weren’t even fighting in.

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