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/- fee for the minimum enrollment period of 12 months. It made the conversion, except it was such a mess, all garbled and confused (nothing like the normal WORD document). Before asking for the return of my fee, I’d like to know if Adobe is proud enough of their software that they have an expert on staff to analyze situations like mine and explain to me what went wrong, or else candidly admit the Adobe converter is no where near what it is cracked up to be. Hi Moejaahied Bardien, You can try downloading the 30-day free trail of Acrobat Pro. product=acrobat_pro&sdid=ITXWF You might also try some of the tips mentioned in this discussion: Lori Hi, I have an Quantity Surveyors Bill of Quantities in PDF format and would like to convert it into excel. Have to figure out how to export into adobe to convert PDF to word.

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For file conversion issues, please feel free to send a sample of your file here for review: https://adobeformscentral.com/?

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Can’t change account without going through Explorer….which doesn’t work on my computer (I am in Costa Rica).

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The conversion to excel does save any formats and is a complete display of confusion. Also, here is a link to some tips on how to improve the export process for tables: Lori Lori, under the trial version of XI Pro the menu item to Save as Excel was greyed out!

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