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To create a Lht Switch application in Visual Studio 2012, open Visual Studio and click on New Project and create a project with the name “Northwind Business Application” as shown below – Once your project is ready, you can start with “Start with data” option as shown below – The “Start with data” has two options – 1.

Visual Studio 2012 LhtSwitch - Getting Started with Building.

Now in the “Northwind Business Application Desner” window, it will show you “Customers” with its properties.

<u>Visual</u> <u>Studio</u> <u>2012</u> LhtSwitch - Getting Started with Building.

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Choose “Customers”, “Orders” table from “Tables” section and click on “Finish” button.

Introduction - The complete Tutorial

It will show the attach data source wizard as shown below – . Specify the SQL Server name, choose the authentication and then select “Northwind” database as shown below – Once your connection is successful, it will show you the “Tables” and “Views” from the Northwind database.

Pdf visual studio 2012 tutorial:

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