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She did not discuss who would be ed in to take care of the children and maintain the home if more women like herself were freed from their house labor and given equal access with white men to the professions.

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According to the aforementioned thinkers and philosophers, Betty Friedan's 1963 book is a courageous text with a noble goal, but... According to hooks, Friedan had written myopiy, as though women of other races and classes—those who, she argued, were most victimized by sexist oppression—simply didn't exist.hooks was by no means the first to have a problem with Friedan's white-girl-problems worldview.

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(Emphasis is my own, throughout.)Friedan's famous phrase, "the problem that has no name," often quoted to describe the condition of women in this society, actually referred to the plht of a select of college-educated, middle- and upper-class, married white women—housewives bored with leisure, with the home, with children, with buying products, who wanted more out of life.

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But her delivery of this particular criticism ranks among the most withering.

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