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Charlotte begins spinning messages in her web which praise Wilbur, including “Some Pig!

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When eight-year-old Fern learns in the beginning of the novel that her father, John Arable, intends to kill a baby piglet because it is the runt of the litter, Fern begs him to spare the piglet’s life. Arable finally relents and gives Fern the responsibility of raising the piglet herself, hoping this will show Fern “how much trouble a pig can be” (Chapter 1, p. Fern nurses the piglet, which she names Wilbur, for several weeks, feeding him with a baby bottle and taking him for walks in her doll stroller. Arable informs Fern she must sell the piglet and suggests calling her uncle, Homer Zuckerman, who has a farm up the road.

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Wilbur is at first horrified by the bloodthirsty nature of the spider, but eventually the two become dear friends. Zuckerman intends to kill Wilbur to eat for Christmas dinner, he turns to Charlotte for help.

Charlotte’s Web is a classic children’s novel about a pig named Wilbur and his friendship with a barn spider named Charlotte.

Animal farm pdf chapter 6 quiz:

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