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After some discussion of contexts in which these words mht be used, we produced the following: It was immediately clear to me how helpful it was to use collocation to hht the differences between the two verbs.

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Most learners at intermediate level or above would be familiar with all three of the verbs, but few would realise that it is possible to collocate ‘run’ and ‘risk’.

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For example, one of my learners recently asked the difference in meaning between glance and glimpse.

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I have also found collocation useful in explaining the difference between opposites: There is also a difference between strong/weak and frequent/infrequent collocations. a warm day) is not necessarily strong, as either word in the partnership suggests a number of other collocates: In the same way, a particularly strong collocation may be used very infrequently (e.g. The most useful combination for teaching purposes, then, seems to be a combination of strong (but not completely fixed) and frequent.

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