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SAM e Side Effects - Negative Feedback

What significance is the Roadrunner without his Wile E. If Christ were the consciousness incarnate Son of God on Earth, then the Antichrist is God’s ultimate and unconscious bastard boy.

White Supremacists Are Crowdsourcing a

Investigators for centuries have entered the torrent of the prophet’s vaguely punctuated stream of consciousness prose or navigated the prescient shorthand in his four-line quatrains to catch or commit an evil history before it happens.

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Recommended Books on Druidism and Indo

He’s the Agent Smith shadow cast by every messianic Neo trying to save those in the Matrix of illusion. Nostradamus, the greatest prophet of the last 500 years not only knows who the Antichrist is but also who “they” are.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist Code

He’s the opposite of Christ the “anointed one of God.” Without him, good and evil can’t dance. It was such a dangerous secret that he hid their true names in a code.

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