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# - The Exchange management tools must be installed on the computer where the script runs.


# ### --- GLOBAL DEFINITIONS --- $DOMAIN_1 = "mydomain.local" $DOMAIN_2 = "" $OU_CONTACTS_1 = "OU=Domain2, OU=Contacts, DC=mydomain, DC=local" $OU_CONTACTS_2 = "OU=Domain1, OU=Contacts, DC=myotherdomain, DC=com" $USER_1 = "[email protected]" $USER_2 = "[email protected]" $PWFILE_1 = "C:\scripts\dom1cred.txt" $PWFILE_2 = "C:\scripts\dom2cred.txt" # Exchange 2010 URIs if applicable $URI_1 = " $URI_2 = " ## The following list of attributes will be copied from User to Contact $arr Attribs = 'display Name','company','given Name','mobile','postal Address','postal Code','sn','st','street Address','telephone Number','title' ,'mail','c','co','l','facsimile Telephone Number','physical Delivery Office Name' ## The following filter is used by Get-ADObject to decide which users will have contacts.

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Ref - Attribute deletions are not replicated - only attribute adds and changes.

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# - A user account is needed in each domain with permission to create contacts.

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