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Reflecting on the sources of the thinking embodied in the Declaration, Jefferson credited “the elementary books of public right, as Aristotle, Cicero, Locke, Sidney, & c.” As with so many things, then, to understand the Declaration we have to start with Aristotle. According to historians of happiness and of Aristotle, it was an ultimate good, worth seeking for its own sake.

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There were to be many edits and changes to what became known as the Declaration of Independence — far too many for the writerly and sensitive Jefferson — but the fundamental rights of man as Jefferson saw them remained consistent: the rights to life, to liberty and, crucially, to “the pursuit of happiness.” To our eyes and ears, human equality and the liberty to build a happy life are inextricably linked in the cadences of the Declaration, and thus in America’s idea of itself.

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Press at Kamalame - Kamalame Cay

The right of all accused to have representation in courts is seriously under threat in India not just from the government, but from lawyers and on occasion from civil society itself, especially in rape cases.

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Jefferson and his colleagues were contemplating something more comprehensive — more revolutionary, if you will.

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