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Jefferson and his colleagues were contemplating something more comprehensive — more revolutionary, if you will.

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(Take the TIME Happiness poll and see how you compare to our national survey, here. Once the Declaration of Independence was adopted and signed in the summer of 1776, the pursuit of happiness — the pursuit of the good of the whole, because the good of the whole was crucial to the genuine well-being of the individual — became part of the fabric (at first brittle, to be sure, but steadily stronger) of a young nation.

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The right of all accused to have representation in courts is seriously under threat in India not just from the government, but from lawyers and on occasion from civil society itself, especially in rape cases.

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Given the Aristotelian insight that man is a social creature whose life finds meaning in his relation to other human beings, Jeffersonian — the Greek word for happiness — evokes virtue, good conduct and generous citizenship. once wrote, this broad ancient understanding of happiness informed the thinking of patriots such as James Wilson (“the happiness of the society is the first law of government”) and John Adams (“the happiness of society is the end of government”).

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