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IMPORTANT: All Windows 7 users should install the Microsoft Platform Update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, a free download from Microsoft which updates your Windows 7 graphic stack, in particular Direct X, WIC, the inbox codecs and Direct2D somewhat to Windows 8.x levels.

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Fast Picture Viewer Professional directly benefits from this update.

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Restart your computer after installing Fast Picture Viewer Pro with the bundled raw decoders and Windows will start recognizing your raw files just like JPEG's, and even let you search on metadata (such as focal length, or date taken etc) directly from Explorer on Windows 7 and Vista!

How to install Windows 10 using a DVD/CD, an ISO file or a flash drive.

recommended as this ALPHA release is only intended for testing specific aspects and is not fully functional, in particular the thumbnail view feature is at an early stage and is not expected to work well nor perform reliably at this point: this release just says "hey, we are (still) working on it!

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