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Since the MEMOBUS Ethernet Driver is faster than the MP Ethernet/MECHATROLINK Driver, it is recommended that devices capable of using the MEMOBUS Ethernet Driver to use it, and for devices incapable of doing so to use the MP Ethernet/MECHATROLINK Driver so as to maximize efficiency. Set the MOMOBUS Ethernet to External Device 1, and set the MP Ethernet/MECHATROLINK to External Device 2. Select External Device to be used from [Device/PLC] when inputting address.

YASKAWA AC Drive-J1000 - Brammer

Refer to [Pass-Through Function Guide] after checking the system requirements in case to use the pass through function with GP-Pro EX.

<i>YASKAWA</i> AC Drive-<i>J1000</i> - Brammer

YASKAWA AC Drive - V1000

Connect 2 drivers, MEMOBUS Ethernet Driver and MP Ethernet/MECHATROLINK Driver, to the same connection device.

Device/PLC Connection Manual - Pro-face

When MP Ethernet/MECHATROLINK Driver is used, the GP-Pro EX Device Data Copy Tool is available.

Yaskawa j1000 manual.pdf:

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