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Download Canard PC Hardware – Hors-Serie – Decembre 2015 – Janvier.

Evidence Based Scientific Medicine (EBSM) has marched on tremendously in the past 100 years to be entirely different from what these gentlemen knew at their times as “medicine”. Is there any uncertainty about what causes Malaria? Or what is the reason for Down’s syndrome or the fact that Rickets is caused by Vitamin D deficiency, or that Nyctalopia (Night blindnesss) is caused by Vitamin A deficiency?

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If I could point out a proverb in Tamil, “Aayiram paerai konnaathaan, ara vaithiyan! I wonder which “medical science” you are talking about. M.s (So-called Complementary & Alternative Medicines) and not Evidence Based Scientific Medicine (EBSM).

<b>Canard</b> PC <b>Hardware</b> - Avril/Mai 2017 / AvaxHome

Canard PC Hardware — Janvier-Février 2017 Download Free Digital.

He was at the receiving end of such a medical practice when he died.

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No wonder people tried to come up with all kinds of “alternatives”.

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