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Foundation Learning Guides Series Pearson IT Certification

395 Stack Wise Benefits 396 Verifying Stack Wise 396 What Is VSS?

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No previous exposure to the CCNP level subject matter is required, so the book provides a great deal of detail on the topics covered.

Offer Implementing Cisco IP Routing ROUTE <u>Foundation</u>.

Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks SWITCH Foundation.

397 VSS Benefits 398 Verifying VSS 399 Redundant Switch Supervisors 401 Supervisor Redundancy Modes 402 Stateful Switchover 403 Nonstop Forwarding 404 Study Tips 405 Summary 405 Review Questions 406 References 406 Chapter 10 Campus Network Security 409 Overview of Switch Security Issues 410 Cisco Switch Security Configuration Best Practices 411 Campus Network Vulnerabilities 414 Rogue Access 414 Switch Vulnerabilities 415 MAC Flooding Attacks 417 Introducing Port Security 419 Port Security Configuration 420 Port Error Conditions 422 Err-Disabled Automatic Recovery 423 Port Access Lists 424 Storm Control 425 Introduction to Storm Control 426 Configuring and Verifying Storm Control on an Interface 427 Mitigating Spoofing Attacks 430 DHCP Spoofing Attacks 430 DHCP Snooping 432 DHCP Option 82 433 DHCP Snooping Example Configuration 433 IP Source Guard 436 IPSG Configuration 438 ARP Spoofing 439 Dynamic ARP Inspection 440 DAI Configuration 441 Securing VLAN Trunks 443 Switch Spoofing 444 VLAN Hopping 446 Protecting Against VLAN Hopping 447 VLAN Access Lists 448 VACL Interaction with ACLs and PACLs 449 Configuring VACLs 450 Private VLANs 451 Introduction to PVLANs 452 PVLAN Port Types 453 PVLAN Configuration 454 PVLAN Verification 456 PVLANs Across Multiple Switches 457 Using the Protected Port Feature 458 Study Tips 458 Summary 459 Review Questions 460 Appendix A Answers to Chapter Review Questions 469 9781587206641 TOC, 4/14/2015Richard Froom, CCIE No.

Offer Implementing Cisco IP Routing ROUTE Foundation.

The book is an intermediate-level text, which assumes that readers have been exposed to beginner-level networking concepts contained in the CCNA (ICND1 and ICND2) certification curriculum.

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