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But the extensive array of convenience and pre-packaged foods hh in fat, sugar and salt (so ed junk foods) which are increasingly available across the world, often promoted in large or multiple serving sizes, has made eating healthily a challenge—for individuals personally, and for policymakers indirectly.[4] Many have argued that the challenge has been compounded by a bombardment of marketing and advertising that surreptitiously and adversely influences people’s food preferences and consumption patterns.[5] There has been considerable advocacy therefore, as a result of this thinking, which has exhorted governments to place limitations on the marketing of junk foods, particularly to children.[6] This paper considers some of the available evidence relating to the influence of the various forms of advertising in general, their influence on children and on consumption habits.

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It considers also arguments which maintain that junk food can be part of a balanced diet and that the food, non-alcoholic drink and advertising industries can be entrusted to market these types of products responsibly without the intervention of government, or with minimal government intervention.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has labelled childhood obesity as one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21 century.

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The paper concludes that overall, the Australian response has been cautious in relation to s for more action to deal with obesity and its concomitant health problems.

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