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Karl Popper Objective Knowledge -

Popper breaks with a traditional commonsense theory of knowledge that can be traced back to Aristotle.

Karl Popper The Logic of Scientific Discovery

He summarises Hume's Problem of Induction (which is asphyxiatingly apparent in this increasingly relativist and anti-intellectual Western culture) and proposes a bleak but progressive empirical method for rolling the ball of truth forward, even if we don't know where (and perhaps why) it's going.

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Objective Knowledge and the not Dispensability of Epistemic.

I have respect for Popper's reasoning and approach but it's just not all that fun or enjoyable to read due to its entirely abstract approach without real-world examples, which is in no way limiting to its 'verisimilitude' as it plans to tackle the metaphysical issue head-on, but is just a bit of a drag for my presently impatient reading habits and busy life schedule.

Objective knowledge an evolutionary approach / Karl R. Popper.

I only read the first two sections of this book, but the first section should be enough.

Karl popper objective knowledge pdf download:

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