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Sony PSP E1000 Owner's Manual - Video Game Console Library

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Untill now there are 4 types of PSPs; PSP 10 ; also known as psp slim & lite because its thinner than the other PSPs PSP 3000 PSP GO [psp 1000,20 kinda looks the same so i'll put 1 picture below] You can insert memory sticks in the psp [1GB,2GB,4GB,8GB and 16GB only];in the memory stick you can save games,save game data,save music,save pictures,save videos.

Sony <b>Psp</b> Playstation Portable Instruction <b>Manual</b> <b>PDF</b> Download

User Guide for Sony PLAYSTATION Console, Free Instruction Manual

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PSP System Guide -

4.5inches LCD screen[except psp go 3.8inches] It has built in stereo speakers Rechargeable battery Supports additional video codecs (other than MPEG 4.) USB 2.0 connectivity UMDs You can upgrade its software for more features[just like smartphones] You can also download PSP 1000; there is a headphone jack and USB 2.0[to connect it to computers] and UMD and WIFI and memory stick. in PSP 2000;there is a headphone jack and USB 2.0 and UMD and wifi and memory stick and mic port. in PSP3000;there is a headphone/microphone jack and USB 2.0 and UMD and wifi and memory stick. in PSP GO;there is all in one port and headphone jack and mic and memory stick and wifi and bluetooth.

Psp manual english pdf:

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