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Influence of the Microwave Heating Time on the Self.

Besides an acceptable price, durability, surface conditions (like roughening and evenness), age-, weather- and traffic-induced failures and degradation are relevant aspects. Contact models that involve viscoelasticity, plasticity, friction and roughness are state-of-the art in fields like particle technology and can now be modified for asphalt and validated experimentally on small samples.

Use of Molecular Dynamics to Investigate Self-Healing.

In the professional road-engineering branch empirical models are used to describe the mechanical behaviour of the material and to address large-scale problems for road distress phenomena like rutting, ravelling, cracking and roughness. Proceedings of the 5th Eurasphalt and Eurobitume Congress, 13-15 June 2012, Istanbul, Turkey. The ultimate goal is then to derive micro- and meso-based constitutive models that can be applied to model behaviour of asphalt pavements on the larger macroscale.

Influence of the Microwave Heating Time on the <strong>Self</strong>.

Investigating the Self Healing Capability of Bituminous.

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