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Solaris 10 Operating System

Localeadm -q sam : check whether all localization for South America has been installed.

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Init 6 : reboot, no question asked init 0 : shutdown and give ok prompt. date 04060915 : solaris,hpux, set date and time to apr 6, am. create a new fs for the sapce on "raw" slide (also appliable to metadevices from disksuite (and veritas? mkfs -m /dev/dsk/c0t0d0s0 show the mkfs used to create the existing fs.

<i>Solaris</i> ZFS <i>Administration</i> <i>Guide</i>

Solaris 10 - UNAM

Mkfs -m /dev/md/d0 for sds disk, looking at subcomponent will give bogus data.

Solaris 10 installation guide zfsinc

) Solaris by default does not use a Volume Manager, the file system by default is created right on top of a partition.

Sun solaris 10 administration guide pdf:

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