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Taxonomia de Bloom revisão teórica e apresentação das adequações.

He says:—‘I am inclined to find here marks of the presence of Babylonian thought . In this chaos all forms were confounded as is the case with the Tâoist chaos.

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Nuah or Hia is the light of God which penetrates the universe, and maintains the order established by the word.

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It was this Trinity of God, in the language of some intermediate nation, which Lâo-tsze appears to have had in view in the various passages where he speaks of the original principle of the universe in a triple form.’ This reading of our chapter is not more satisfactory to me than that of Rémusat and I am content, in my interpretation of it, to abide by the aids of Chinese dictionaries and commentators of reputation who have made it their study.

Panitikan sa Pilipinas - Wikipedia, ang malayang ensiklopedya

), and the Treatise of ‘Actions and their Retributions’ (of our eleventh century); and perhaps also of one or more of the other characteristic Productions of the System.

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